Business Transitions

4 Part Process


During the intake session I connect with the owner(s) to determine the current state of business operations and potential opportunities and dangers. Information regarding financial, legal, emotional and logistical issues surrounding the exit strategy for the owner(s) provides a comprehensive picture of the situation. In addition, the leadership and management skills of the potential successor(s) are discussed to assess their readiness to run the business.

Following this, I conduct interviews with other key stakeholders (family and non-family) to bring all perspectives into consideration and to ensure everyone participates in the change process.


In this stage the Family Vision and Values are established and used as the foundation for creating the Business Vision and Values.
I then create a tailor-made coaching and mentoring model based on the Vision and Values.


Translating vision into reality

This is the actual implementation of the model. I meet weekly and monthly with the team members individually and in groups. The groups are divided into three main categories- Family, Operations and Shareholders.

The focus of my coaching and mentoring is on clarity of roles and responsibilities as well as learning effective communication and conflict management skills to create collaborative teams.


Continuous Improvement

Life means change and change means learning new skills and sometimes adjusting strategy. Marriage, the birth of children and grandchildren, retirement, illness, death, divorce – all create challenges to keeping these family issues and opportunities aligned with the business as they both evolve.

Our ongoing coaching and mentoring relationship continuously improves your ability to respond to these events with strength, courage and wisdom.

At times, trusted advisors may be brought in to clarify or explain the meaning of structures, whether trusts or corporate organization, tax and estate-driven transactions, or the financial and personal circumstances facing the family and its enterprises, and help explore the options and recommendations for moving forward.