The Pyramid Approach

Defining How We Get There

The illustration represents the pyramid approach to moving from where you are to achieving the objectives.

The Pyramid is organized by three levels:

This level represents the noise, clutter and confusion that the company is facing when trying to drive change or create something new. This can include circumstances such as:

  • Conflicting agendas

  • Lack of financial resources

  • People who are not supporting the team

  • Unclear vision or a clear vision that is not understood by others

  • Bureaucracy that steals time and causes frustration

  • Low productivity

This level represents the ideal situation if a solid strategy and implementation plan is in place and being well managed. An ideal foundation may include the following:

  • Complete peace of mind for the sponsor and the team

  • Goals are clear and totally shared

  • Success is being achieved

  • Underlying culture is changing


Behind This Level Are: four to eight major initiatives / recommendations that once in place will start propelling the company upwards to achievement. The initiatives can include major strategies such as:

  • Specific major project implementation

  • Shift in attitude and willingness to work as a team

  • New openness to change

  • Release of new energy and creativity

  • Marginalization of non team players so that they cannot damage the progress

  • Eradication of cynicism

  • Creation of new foundational process that underpins and sustains culture change

  • Improvement of service to all stakeholders

  • Improvement of operating efficiency and achievement of real productivity gains – “Doing more with less”



  • Fun for individuals

  • Fulfillment for teams

  • Institutional Wealth (Resources/Profit)

This level represents the peak of success – however the company has defined it. It also signifies that it’s time to look at what should happen next.